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Brent Maxwell's website
Sydney, Australia

I'm an technology leader and solutions architect living in Sydney, Australia. There's plenty of information out around there on the internet about me, so if you're interested, find more at the following places:

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My Event Calendar

Event Topic Format Date
CSO Webinar The right collaboration strategy will help your business take flight Webinar 2016-07-22
Gartner IT Infrastructure, Operations & Data Center Summit Cloud architecture principles for operational efficiency Roundtable 2016-05-16
CeBIT Expo Achieving business advantage through enhanced decision making Panel 2016-05-02
Sydney Technology Leaders - feat. CTO School The value of modern data warehousing Keynote presentation 2016-03-10
Chief Data Officer forum Unlocking the Full Potential of Data Storage Technologies to Make Big Data Analytics Possible Keynote presentation 2016-02-11
Gartner Business Intelligence, Analytics & Information Management Summit Ask the Practitioner: Modern Data Warehousing Roundtable 2016-02-22
NSW IT Leaders Summit Improving Customer Experience to Deliver Better Business Results Leaders Panel Discussion 2015-11-24